VMware vSphere 4.1: Not the Typical .1 Release

New release, new features!

AD Authentication

VMware’s vCenter management server has offered Active Directory authentication for some time, but many of our clients have continually asked VMware to extend AD authentication to the individual hypervisor level. Prior to vSphere 4.1, administrators could login to ESX or ESXi hypervisors using a local account typically root. Organizations that wanted tighter security at the individual hypervisor required a third party add-on such as HyTrust. While hypervisor-level AD authentication was a key value-add for HyTrust,it’s other key features such as security policy enforcement and audit logging will ensure its longevity.

This is the biggest win for my current client.  Having slightly more than a handful of ESXi hosts without a vCenter manager required individual logins on each machine.  With 4.1 supporting AD authentication on the hypervisor, user administration should become a tad easier.

via VMware vSphere 4.1: Not the Typical .1 Release.

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