IPv4 Address Depletion Won’t Cause Stampede to IPv6

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But right now, there’s no reason to rush madly into IPv6. For one thing, there’s virtually no place on the public Internet that is using IPv6, so you will have few choices of destinations. One estimate I saw recently puts the number of IPv6 sites on the global Internet as less than two-tenths of a percent. While there are a few Websites that do allow connectivity using IPv6, those also allow IPv4 connections.


A move to IPv6 will free up IPv4 addresses for end users, for devices that can’t use IPv6 and for network infrastructure that isn’t or can’t be enabled for IPv6. Eventually, portions of the public Internet will start supporting IPv6, but it’s not going to happen overnight. And even when it does start to happen, the change won’t be all at once.

via¬†IPv4 Address Depletion Won’t Cause Stampede to IPv6 – IT Infrastructure – News & Reviews – eWeek.com.

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