Top German cop uses spyware on daughter, gets hacked in retaliation

via Top German cop uses spyware on daughter, gets hacked in retaliation: It’s sad how frequently law enforcement officials bend or break the law to achieve their ends.

Problem 1: This guy forgot he was a father, and treated his kid as just another suspect.

Problem 2: The story reveals the Germans have a program for tracking individuals’ locations via cell phone and car GPS systems, and they had to take it offline because this guy’s home security sucked so hard.

Fortunately for connoisseurs of the weird, Der Spiegel revealed a stranger story in its magazine yesterday. According to the report, a top German security official installed a trojan on his own daughter’s computer to monitor her Internet usage. What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing—well, at least until one of the daughter’s friends found the installed spyware. The friend then went after the dad’s personal computer as a payback and managed to get in, where he found a cache of security-related e-mails from work. The e-mails, in turn, provided the information necessary for hackers to infiltrate Germany’s federal police.


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