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AdBlock Plus on OpenSolaris with Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

While trying to install AdBlock Plus on Firefox 3.1, I encountered an error similar to this guy:

Firefox: Firefox could not install the file at ‘URL’ because: Signing could not be verified.

I was able to follow those steps, but with a bit of variation:

  1. Made a temp folder
    mkdir /tmp/adblock
  2. Get the extention (I copied the URL from the failed install error message):
    wget https://addons.mozilla.org/downloads/file/74835/adblock_plus-1.1.3-fx+sm+tb+fn.xpi?src=api --no-check-certificate
  3. Unzip the package:
    unzip adblock_plus-1.1.3-fx+sm+tb+fn.xpi
  4. The first bit of output showed the RSA file he looks for in Step 5:
    Archive:  adblock_plus-1.1.3-fx+sm+tb+fn.xpi
    inflating: META-INF/zigbert.rsa
  5. Search for the Certificate Authority info:
    mikes@nerdherd-opensol:/tmp/adblock$ strings ./META-INF/zigbert.rsa | egrep -i "sign|cert"
    "Secure Digital Certificate Signing1806
    $StartCom Verified Certificate Member1
    "Secure Digital Certificate Signing1)0'
    StartCom Certification Authority
    Limited Liability, read the section *Legal Limitations* of the StartCom Certification Authority Policy available at http://www.startssl.com/policy.pdf0c
    "Secure Digital Certificate Signing1)0'
    StartCom Certification Authority0
    "Secure Digital Certificate Signing1806
    "Secure Digital Certificate Signing1)0'
    StartCom Certification Authority
    AStartCom Class 2 Primary Intermediate Object Signing Certificates0
    "Secure Digital Certificate Signing1806
  6. Unlike his Step 7, in Firefox / Preferences / Advanced / Encryption / View Certificates / Authorities, that cert wasn’t listed.  So I imported it.
  7. Click the Import button on the Authorities tab.  Browse to the /tmp/adblock/META-INF folder created when AdBlock was unzipped.
  8. Change the file type selector from Certificate Files to All Files; select zigbert.rsa; click Open.
  9. Check the box, “This certificate can identify software makers.”
  10. Click OK until enough dialog boxes are closed that you can re-try the AdBlock Plus install.

It then installed without issue.  Restart Firefox to enable the add-on.