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Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report released

Here we are again – our fourth installment of the DBIR series (sixth if you count the ’08 and ’09 mid-year supplementals). To our readers, it may seem like the 2010 DBIR published ages ago. To us, it feels more like yesterday. The expanding scope and increasing depth of the report makes it almost one continuous effort throughout the year. It is, however, a labor of love and we’re very glad to be sharing our research into the world of data breaches with you once again.

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Anton Chuvakin has all the best commentary.

The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: PhoneyC

Sounds like a useful tool for probing websites you’re just not sure about.

PhoneyC is a virtual client honeypot, meaning it is not a real application (that can be compromised by attackers and then monitored for analysis of attacker behavior), but rather an emulated client, implemented in Python. The main thing it does is scour web pages looking for those that attack the browser.

It can be run, for example, as: $ python phoneyc.py -v www.google.com

via Anton Chuvakin Blog – “Security Warrior”: The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: PhoneyC.