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Hover integrates with Google Apps | Hover Blog

Fantastic news from the Hover blog:

We’ve partnered up with Google to cut down 10+ of the steps needed for the domain registration portion of the signup process to just three steps. Now, you can not only verify, but also transfer your email in just a couple of clicks. The best part – you’re no longer required to leave the Google App to complete domain registration!

via Hover integrates with Google Apps | Hover Blog.

This is quite nice and very handy, although you’d only need it during initial setup.

However, if you’re an Apps re-seller and set up domains and accounts for people frequently, it will save a lot of time.

Fed up with ICANN, Pirate Bay cofounder floats P2P DNS system


Peter Sunde of Pirate Bay fame has had it with ICANN. Now that the US government is ordering the Internet governance body to remove domain names of copyright infringers from the global DNS, Sunde has sounded a call to arms to create a new Domain Name System to help pirates remain masters of their domain. The new DNS would forego a centralized root—too attractive a target for meddling governments—and use peer-to-peer technology instead.

There is quite a bit of trust inherent in the Internet, and quite a bit of security.  DNS poisoning is already a well-known attack; how would you prevent it if you don’t know where other DNS records are coming from?

via Fed up with ICANN, Pirate Bay cofounder floats P2P DNS system.