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iSCSI storage target to ESXi over IPv6

This will be useful to know how to do:

Ethernet-based storage networks, such as those providing iSCSI or NFS disk resources, may be the last frontier for the IPv4 to IPv6 transition. Should these networks need to be updated, now is the time to verify all of the pieces and parts are supported and work as expected.

In this gallery, I’ll go through configuring an ESXi host to an iSCSI LUN over IPv6. Be sure to reference VMware KB 1010812 for more information on this configuration.

via Verify IPv4 to IPv6 transition | TechRepublic.

Using Tech Support Mode in ESXi 4.1

Surprisingly and happily, with ESXi 4.1, VMware has made it possible to enable and disable SSH access to the host via the vSphere client.  No longer is it necessary to enter the top-secret unsupported console via <alt-F1> and edit inetd.conf by hand.

To enable local or remote TSM from the vSphere Client:

  • Select the host and click the Configuration tab.
  • Click Security profile > Properties.
  • Click Local Tech Support or Remote Tech Support SSH and click Options.
  • Choose the desired startup policy and click Start, then click OK.
  • Verify that the daemon selected in step 3 shows as running in the Services Properties window.

via VMware KB: Using Tech Support Mode in ESXi 4.1.