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Apple Users Fend Off Ransom Attacks Against iPhones & Macs

Happily, the attack can apparently be deterred by having a strong unlock passcode, which you already have set, right?

Owners of Mac and iOS devices have found their iPhones and iPads held for ransom through a hack that targets the Find My iPhone and Find My Mac features on these devices to trigger a remote lock of the device.

The Find My iPhone feature is meant to allow users to track missing devices on a map, remotely lock the phone in the event that the device is lost or stolen and display a message so that those who find it will see that custom message. First surfacing in numerous reports in Australia yesterday, this attack claims through the custom message to be perpetrated by an Oleg Pliss, likely a pseudonym given that the most visible person by that name is a software engineer at Oracle. The malicious hacker responsible asks through the displayed message for users to pay $100 through PayPal for the privilege of unlocking their phones.

via Apple Users Fend Off Ransom Attacks Against iPhones & Macs.

No sound from newly-installed Angry Birds on iPad

I decided to find out what all the Angry Birds fuss was about, and installed it on my first-gen iPad today.

It sure isn’t very exciting without any sound! So after a bit of Googling and reading some tips like this, I discovered that since I had changed the side-switch from Mute to Lock Rotation, and I had locked the rotation when the game was installed, the game defaulted to thinking that the iPad was muted.


  • Close Angry Birds
  • Go into Settings, set Side Switch to Mute
  • Mute, then un-Mute the iPad
  • Set back to Lock Rotation
  • Re-launch Angry Birds, hear sound
  • Enjoy the sounds of squawking birds and desperate pigs.

iPad News – Steve Jobs is the Devil Edition | Les Jones

Unless I win one for joining the right webinar, I’m not going to get an iPad, but not because I think Steve Jobs takes his empire a little too far…

Gawker – The Dark Side of Steve Jobs:

During a major revision to the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad last week, Apple quietly added a new rule for all new apps: They must be originally written using one of four programming languages blessed by Apple (Objective C, C, C++ and JavaScript).

The Dark Side of Steve JobsThis sounds like a geeky footnote, but was actually a dramatic power grab. It means developers can no longer write apps in languages like C# and Flash and then use tools that automatically convert their code into iPhone-compatible software. This has become common practice, especially among games developers, including Electronic Arts, which links in an unsupported language called Lua.

iPad News – Steve Jobs is the Devil Edition | Les Jones.