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Hackers turn MySQL.com into malware launchpad

Pretty embarrassing for Oracle and MySQL:

Web security firm Armorize reported in its blog today that the MySQL.com website has been turned into a launchpad for serving up malware attacks. Visitors to the home page of the site are hit with a JavaScript injection attack that has been planted on the site. The script opens an IFRAME to a malicious site, which in turn launches a BlackHole exploit “pack” that probes for known browser and plugin weaknesses and then stealthily installs malware on the visitor’s PC. There’s no warning button or action required by the user other than visiting the site to trigger the download.

via Hackers turn MySQL.com into malware launchpad.

Oracle Releases Oracle Solaris 10 8/11

New Solaris 10!

Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 features include:

  • Advances in the Oracle Solaris ZFS provide customers with new tools that make it possible to standardize on ZFS as a root file system across all their Oracle Solaris 10 systems while delivering industry leading data management with unique built in features like de-duplication, snapshots and cloning.
  • Ability to install a system from an Oracle Solaris ZFS Flash Archive, either on bare metal or with Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade, providing additional options for fast deployments and disaster recovery.
  • Faster reboot for SPARC systems which can reduce system maintenance planned downtime.
  • Significant improvements in Oracle Database 11g startup time and shutdown time for customers using large amounts of IMS (Intimate Shared Memory).

via Oracle Releases Oracle Solaris 10 8/11.

Document Foundation forks OpenOffice.org, liberates it from Oracle

Happy news!  “I wasn’t looking forward to even the remotest possibility that OO would ever be bundled with an Oracle-version of Access,” he said, tongue in cheek.

A group of key contributors to the OpenOffice.org OOo project have formed a new organization called the Document Foundation to manage a community-driven fork of the popular open source office suite. Their goal is to liberate the project from Oracle’s control and create a more inclusive and participatory ecosystem around the software.

via Document Foundation forks OpenOffice.org, liberates it from Oracle.

Oracle Outlines SPARC, Solaris 11 Plans

I’m looking forward to a new version of OpenSolaris:

Six months after completing the deal for Sun, Oracle officials say Solaris 11 will arrive in 2011, and that SPARC performance will at least double every other year through 2015.

Oracle will release the next version of the Solaris operating system next year, and will double the performance of its SPARC processors every other year.

via Oracle Outlines SPARC, Solaris 11 Plans – IT Infrastructure from eWeek.