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How do you or your vendor dispose of printed PII?

Do you save it for holidays to throw to the crowds at parades?

According to Reuters, the confetti was apparently shredded horizontally but still contained information from various police incident reports, including names, social security numbers, and bank account information of Nassau County police officers and employees.

Make sure that personally identifiable information is actually destroyed before it leaves your custody.

via Long Island cops probe how secret information became NYC confetti | Ars Technica.

Stolen NASA Laptop Had Unencrypted Employee Data

I wonder if there was a reason for a NASA employee to carry around all that employee information on a laptop?  Why wasn’t it in a centralized, secured database that the employee would access when needed?

NASA is warning all employees and contractors that their personal information may have been compromised after a thief stole a NASA laptop and documents from an agency employee’s locked car.

“On October 31, 2012, a NASA laptop and official NASA documents issued to a headquarters employee were stolen from the employee’s locked vehicle. The laptop contained records of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) for a large number of NASA employees, contractors and others,” said Richard J. Keegan Jr., associate deputy administrator of NASA, in a notice sent to all employees.

The data on the laptop wasn’t encrypted. “Although the laptop was password protected, it did not have whole disk encryption software, which means the information on the laptop could be accessible to unauthorized individuals,” he said.

via Stolen NASA Laptop Had Unencrypted Employee Data – Security –.