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Try the Critical Stack Intel Client

Richard Bejtlich writes:

You may have seen in my LinkedIn profile that I’m advising a security startup called Critical Stack. If you use Security Onion or run the Bro network security monitoring platform (NSM), you’re ready to try the Critical Stack Intel Client.

Bro is not strictly an intrusion detection system that generates alerts, like Snort. Rather, Bro generates a range of NSM data, including session data, transaction data, extracted content data, statistical data, and even alerts — if you want them.

Read the full article and give it a try!  Initial feedback is good.

Core Security launches CISO level pen testing software

New tools!

Core Security Technologies is introducing new pen testing software that, according to the company, has robust reporting capabilities, enabling CIOs, CISOs and other executives to gauge risk to internal systems and gain greater visibility into the progress of ongoing security initiatives.

The Boston-based penetration testing firm, best known for its Core Impact Pro software for pen testers, launched Core Insight Enterprise on Monday. The new tool can be programmed to view critical systems and their connection points and then can be set to conduct multiple, automated pen tests in an attempt to find a way into the company’s most critical assets, said Mark Hatton, CEO of Core Security Technologies Inc.

via Core Security launches CISO level pen testing software.