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Guest under VMware Server on Win 7 Cannot Network

While running VMware Server 2.0.2-203138 on Windows 7, I experienced the following issue:

  • Installed guests assigned to VMnet0 can not ping or access any hosts aside from other VMware guests.
  • My NIC is a: Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
  • In the NIC properties, the VMware Bridge Protocol is enabled.

Guests could see each other and communicate on VMnet0, but cannot ping the host or anything beyond the host.

In Windows 7’s Network and Sharing center, only NIC is listed under “Internet Access”, and VMnet1 and VMnet8 are listed under “No network access,” but this seems to be normal.

From the Start menu, I opened Manage Virtual Networks, and the Summary page told me VMnet0 was supposed to automatically bridge to some adapter.  Apparently, it wasn’t doing so.

At the Host Virtual Network Mapping tab, I was able to specify that I wanted VMnet0 to use the Realtek NIC.

After clicking Apply/OK and waiting a bit for VMware and the guests to figure out just what in tarnation had just changed, guest networking began working as expected.

Within my Solaris 10 guest, I then created /etc/resolv.conf, added the two Google DNS servers, and copied /etc/nsswitch.dns to /etc/nsswitch.conf:

# touch /etc/resolv.conf
# vi /etc/resolv.conf

Add the text:

search myhouse.net
nameserver # my router
nameserver # google
nameserver # google

And lastly:

# cp nsswitch.dns nsswitch.conf


New way to stop or start gdm/X server in Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 using service command

Coincidentally, this morning I was doing the exact same thing as this fellow.  I had installed 9.10 on a Dell GX620 with an nVidia 6600, and needed to stop X in order to compile and install the driver.

I had already downloaded the Linux installable from nVidia, and found this excellent tip for getting in and out of the GUI:

To stop gdm from virtual console (after going to virtual console by giving Ctrl + Alt + F1):

sudo service gdm stop

To start after installing nvidia drivers or whatever we did in console, to start it is as simple as stopping

sudo service gdm start

via My experiments with Linux: New way to stop or start gdm/X server in Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 using service command.

<ctrl-alt-f1> drops you to a console login, but gdm and X are still running in the background, and nVidia drivers will not load until gdm is stopped.

Restarting gdm will bring you back into your Gnome X session.  Alternatively, if you were just doing some work at the console and want to return to your X session without restarting gdm (which closes all your windows and programs, etc), just press <ctrl-alt-f7> to return from the console.

Migrating Ubuntu Servers | Leo’s Ramblings

This is an indispensable tip for smoothly migrating Ubuntu virtual machines across VMware hosts and having networking work.

Edit by adding the following to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules:

# ignore VMware virtual interfaces

ATTR{address}==”00:0c:29:*”, GOTO=”persistent_net_generator_end”

ATTR{address}==”00:50:56:*”, GOTO=”persistent_net_generator_end”

via Migrating Ubuntu Servers | Leo’s Ramblings.