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Verizon tips for Mac security and anti-virus

Some handy tips to keep your Mac safe on the Internet:

Our most critical recommendations for OS X security have not changed much since its release ten years ago:

  • Uncheck the “Open ’safe’ files after download” box in Safari’s General Preferences.
  • Utilize your browser’s security features (anti-popup, anti-phishing, etc.).
  • Run Software Update on a weekly basis, and install security updates as they are made available.
  • In the Security System Preference, be sure the firewall is on.
  • Do not download, run, or share software from unknown sources.
  • Do not open or share unexpected attachments received via email or instant messenger.
  • Only connect to trusted wireless networks.
  • In an enterprise environment, an anti-spam solution should be in place.

via Verizon Business Security Blog » Blog Archive » It’s time to consider Mac AV.

Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report released

Here we are again – our fourth installment of the DBIR series (sixth if you count the ’08 and ’09 mid-year supplementals). To our readers, it may seem like the 2010 DBIR published ages ago. To us, it feels more like yesterday. The expanding scope and increasing depth of the report makes it almost one continuous effort throughout the year. It is, however, a labor of love and we’re very glad to be sharing our research into the world of data breaches with you once again.

via Verizon Business Security Blog » Blog Archive » 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report released.

Anton Chuvakin has all the best commentary.