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XenDesktop 4 SP1 is the First Enterprise-Ready SHVD Platform

I do believe I’ll have to do a trial of XenDesktop.

With today’s update to the XenDesktop 4 Platinum edition suite, Citrix became the first vendor to meet all requirements in the Burton Group Server Hosted Virtual Desktop evaluation criteria.

The evaluation criteria was developed over a five month period. During that time, we worked with numerous early server-hosted virtual desktop (SHVD) adopters, as well as the key vendors in the space. In the end, vendors were supportive of the criteria in spite of the fact that not one met all of our requirements. The reason for the support was simple – customers were telling vendors they needed the same elements that we identified in the criteria.

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Citrix Synergy 2010: Burton Group’s Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View Assessments

An interesting study from the Burton Group on VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop.  For the purposes of my current client, the administrative roles problem they outline isn’t an issue – we have only 3 administrators, and all have the same access.  However, I’m interested in seeing what criteria they examined, and why View fell so far behind XenDesktop in every category.

After Simon Bramfitt and I assessed XenDesktop 4.0 and View 4.0.1, we reached a similar conclusion – neither product is ready for the demands of the large enterprise. A comparison scorecard of each product is shown below.xd-view-scorecardBoth products do not deliver what we consider to be essential features.

For example, neither product offers role based access controls RBACs to support the delegated administration models our clients expect. Offering only “User” and “Administrator” roles, for example, does not constitute delegated administration. In addition neither product offers complete administrative change logging, meaning that it is not possible to maintain an audit trail for all administrative actions.

via Citrix Synergy 2010: Burton Group’s Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View Assessments.