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ISC Diary | An analysis of the Yahoo! passwords

We security folks have long preached and rightly so the virtues of a “complex” password. By increasing the size of the alphabet and the length of the password, we increase the work the bad guys must do to guess or crack the passwords. We’ve gotten in the habit of telling users that a “good” password consists of [lower case, upper case, digits, special characters] choose 3. Unfortunately, if that is all the guidance we give, users being human and, by nature, somewhat lazy will apply those rules in the easiest way.

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Tech giants to enable IPv6 on “World IPv6 Day” in June

It’s a one-day-only event, but it’s a start.

The Internet Society, an organization dedicated to the good of the Internet, is organizing “World IPv6 Day” on June 8 of this year. Web giants Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, with a combined one billion visitors per day, are participating by enabling IPv6 for their main services that day. Content distributors Limelight and Akamai are also joining the party by enabling their customers to participate. But unlike during the IETF IPv6 experiment, IPv4 won’t be turned off.

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Arbor Networks surveyed IPv6 adoption in the summer and found less than a tenth of a percent of all traffic used IPv6, “almost below the threshold of what we could measure,” according to Craig Labovitz, the chief scientist at Arbor Networks.

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