Sanders Says: Five ways to make a great second impression

While first impressions are great, second impressions are even more so.  If they cared enough to want to see you again, show that cared enough to remember the first meeting and are anticipating more!

Recently, I was booked for an encore presentation at a conference.  The first engagement went really well, and all of us felt a resonant spark.  I was invited back the next month, and excited to have the opportunity.

You would think it's a slam dunk, which is a problem in our culture.  We put too much weight into the first impression.  We believe that's all that counts.  We get lazy, thinking that the encore performance is a freebie that will obviously turn out well, “because we dig each other, right?”

Wrong.  In sales, business development and speaking situations, I've found the 2nd meeting to be the hardest of all.  Not enough meetings to go strategic or get biz-married — but enough meetings to wipe out the 1st impression.  Yet, sadly, we don't train people for this.  Fortunately, I've been aware of the 2nd Meeting Syndrome since my days at Yahoo, and possess a few rules for rocking it the second time around:

via Sanders Says: Five ways to make a great second impression.

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