Gartner: Windows 7 security features have strings attached

Some gotchas in Win 7’s “built-in” security:

For instance, top-end security features like AppLocker, BitLocker, BitLocker to Go and DirectAccess require the more expensive Windows 7 Enterprise version, and also call for Enterprise Assurance or Software Assurance maintenance plans; the features don’t come with the pre-configured PCs sold by HP or Dell.

Some organizations, MacDonald said, have tried to work around this limitation by purchasing Windows 7 Ultimate, a similar edition that also contains all the same security features as Enterprise. Despite being initially more expensive that Enterprise, Ultimate is $100 cheaper per user when factoring in the savings of not purchasing a maintenance plan. However, there are drawbacks to this approach as well.

“Ultimate is officially a consumer version, and comes with a consumer SKU, which means it has consumer-level support. So instead of getting 10 years of support and security patches, you only get five years,” MacDonald said, “and you don’t get volume license activation, so you’d have to manually activate each version.”

via Gartner: Windows 7 security features have strings attached.

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