AVG Lists Most Dangerous Countries for Web Surfers

An interesting analysis of which countries’ domestic web surfers were most attacked:

AVG’s analysis is based on an examination of attacks during the last week of July. According to the company, AVG software detected attacks against one in 10 customers browsing the Web in Turkey during that period. Also near the top of the list were Russia one in 15, Armenia one in 24 and Azerbaijan one in 39.

The global average was one in 73 users. In the United States, one in 48 users were attacked, the same proportion as in Pakistan. Vietnam and Laos had a slightly worse percentage, coming in at one in 42 for both countries.


On the other side of the safety scale is Japan, where AVG software picked up attacks for one out of every 403 users. Sierra Leone had the fewest attacks, with just one out of every 696 Web users being hit. Other countries listed among the top 20 safest places are Taiwan 1 in 248 attacked, Argentina 1 in 241 attacked and France 1 in 224 attacked.

via AVG Lists Most Dangerous Countries for Web Surfers – Security from eWeek.

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