Thoughts on “smarter conversations”

Hugh MacLeod on conversations:

1. Understand why what you’re offering to do for other people is interesting, important, meaningful etc then start telling people about it.

Think about this one. Hard. If you don’t know, then how will other people know? Exactly. They won’t.

Everyone is a salesman. Ever bump into the guy who can’t describe what he does for a living, and isn’t in a top secret government agency?  Ever hear his wife try to describe what he does?

It’s not exactly a convincing sell that he does something important, interesting, or meaningful.

Number 4 reflects exactly why I converted into a blog:

4. Start a blog.

Blogs are funny things. Say something smart, people pay attention. Say something dumb, you’re ignored. We big media folk just can’t seem to get our heads around that concept, for some reason. Regular blogging can help train you to better discern between smart and dumb. Makes it easier to extend this to the rest of one’s business.

Currently, I’m focusing on posting smart things others have said, while warming up to the idea of writing smart material myself.

Here’s to the future!

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