eDiscovery – Someone Has to Say It

Bill Dean of Sword & Shield discusses how to save money and simplify work during eDiscovery.

Want to know how you can directly save costs without sacrifice? I am just going to say it, stop “TIFFing” out all of the documents that you review for your client. When you finish drafting your complaint or motion for summary judgment, do you convert it to a TIFF before you perform the final review? Then why are you converting all of your client’s documents to an image before you review them? The document conversion aspect of processing is one of the biggest wastes of money in eDiscovery. Many feel that this processing phase of eDiscovery is the most expense, TIFFing every document before you review it is a large portion of that expense.

You’d think sysadmins wouldn’t need to be told not to do a whole lot of work they don’t have to do, but perhaps the stress of litigation throws the natural laziness out the window.

As you can see, using a basic unified eDiscovery platform for the processing phase can save your client 75% when compared to TIFF conversions and 66% when compared to early case assessment platforms. For simplicity, I have not provided estimates for native processing and then the use of another review platform. That scenario would be in the same price range as the ECA option. I have also not included the costs of production. One last note is the price used for the unified eDiscovery platform is the pricing model that we provide to our clients and pricing of other unified eDiscovery platforms may vary.

I need the option for an Exchange shop where management won’t allow any expenses for unified messaging.  However, I like both Google Apps’ Postini and McAfee’s MX Logic for unifying messaging and eDiscovery.

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