‘Here You Have’ Worm Floods E-Mail Inboxes

These attacks still work, because people still click the links or open the attachments and lack the appropriate counter-measures.

Dubbed “Here you have” because of its e-mail subject line, the worm struck organizations such as NASA and the Walt Disney Co. In some ways, the worm is a throwback to attacks such as the Anna Kournikova virus, which security researchers at Symantec noted actually had the same subject line when it appeared in 2001.

“This used to be a massive problem when e-mail worms were at their peak, and this re-emergence shows that you can never assume old tried and true methods won’t be used again,” said Bradley Anstis, vice president of technology strategy at M86 Security.

The body of the e-mail sometimes contained the message “This is The Document I told you about, you can find it Here,” followed by a malicious link that appears to be a PDF document but is actually a .SCR file. The e-mail then instructs the recipient to “please check it and reply as soon as possible.” Other versions of the worm have the subject “Just For you” and “This is The Free Dowload [sic] Sex Movies,you can find it Here” in the body.

via ‘Here You Have’ Worm Floods E-Mail Inboxes – Security from eWeek.

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