How to Safeguard Your Printing Environment

Michael Howard gives some excellent reminders on the vulnerabilities of printers in an organization.  Remember that printers used in a financial environment can be in-scope for PCI, and to protect the data-in-motion and data-at-rest.

Data breaches are big business of the worst kind but, despite their costliness, such breaches are all too common. We have all heard the horror stories of hackers accessing secured networks or of thieves stealing laptops to gain unauthorized access to confidential information, sensitive intellectual property (IP) and financial data—viable threats that every IT manager works diligently to defend against.

However, there are often hidden security risks that organizations need to address. One vulnerability that is too often overlooked—and may be leaving you susceptible to attack—is your network of printing and copying devices.

via How to Safeguard Your Printing Environment – Printers – News & Reviews.

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