WikiLeaks Hit with DoS Attack Before Documents Leaked

No indication of whether the pending leaks influenced the timing of the attack, or if it was purely coincidence.

WikiLeaks was hit with a denial-of-service attack as it prepared to publicize a trove of diplomatic documents.

The attack occurred Nov. 28, striking the controversial site before it posted a collection of more than 250,000 U.S. embassy cables online. The main site appeared to bear the brunt of the attack, according to Paul Mutton of Netcraft, who added that the site suffered from “patchy or slow availability for several hours.”

“Twitter user th3j35t3r claimed to be carrying out the denial of service attack against, although in a tweet that has since been deleted, th3j35t3r stated that it was not a distributed attack,” Mutton blogged. “If WikiLeaks believed the attack to be distributed, it could suggest that other parties had also been carrying out separate attacks at the same time. … th3j35t3r’s Twitter feed lists dozens of other sites that have also been taken down, mainly communicated through ‘TANGO DOWN’ messages posted via the XerCeS Attack Platform.”

via WikiLeaks Hit with DoS Attack Before Documents Leaked – Security – News & Reviews.

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