Businesses Thrive With Google Apps

TechRepublic presents a webcast featuring SmartPractice, and why they switched to Google Apps. (Free registration required to view the webcast.)

Businesses are increasingly turn to Google Apps as a versatile and affordable solution for effective business communication and collaboration. In addition to its strength as an alternative to more traditional on-site email, calendar, and sharing applications, Google Apps also works equally well on both PCs and Macs.

One such company is SmartPractice, a 500-employee marketing services company that helps healthcare providers build their practices through a variety of marketing channels, a process that requires intensive collaboration. With an aging on-premise solution that was prone to frequent crashes, difficult to support on Macs, and less-than-optimal with mobile devices, SmartPractice needed a more effective solution to better serve its business and ultimately decided to go with Google. Not surprisingly, the company now reports extremely high satisfaction among its users, most of whom will tell you that Google Apps has actually exceeded their expectations.

via Businesses Thrive With Google Apps | TechRepublic.

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