IBM Unveils Its First Network Security Appliance

This could be interesting.  Although, I fully expect it’ll be out of my home-lab’s budget.

The IBM Network Intrusion Protection System GX7800 is a dedicated, server-like appliance that plugs into a system to provides full Web application protection, extends security reach to private and public cloud systems, and uses IBM’s X-Force network intelligence to stay ahead of threats, IBM said.

The GX7800 serves as an adjunct deployment and works seamlessly with existing network security software, Director of Strategy for IBM Security Services Marc van Zadelhoff told eWEEK.

IBM Security Services’ X-Force Threat Analysis Service (XFTAS) is a subscription security intelligence service that delivers customized information about an array of threats that could affect network security. XFTAS helps users proactively protect their networks with detailed and regularly updated analyses of global online threat conditions.

“We think this is a game-changing announcement, in with its 20Gbit/sec processing speed, that we think this is the fastest security appliance in the market,” van Zadelhoff said.

via IBM Unveils Its First Network Security Appliance – Security – News & Reviews –

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