Password Security, How Does It Work?

I’m sure that the HBGary executives were thinking the same thing most of us do: “I’m kind of busy right now, and I’ll change it to something stronger when I have a little more time.” I’ve done that more times than I care to think about, as I noted in December when the Gawker story broke. Since then, I’ve become a little bit better at resisting the temptation to slap a quick and dirty password on an account. But I’m still doing it from time to time, as I realized the last time I ordered a cable from my new favorite vendor for such things.

Long ago, I came up with a system for creating and remembering unique credentials for sites, only to be stymied by sites that refused to allow non-alphanumeric characters in either the password or username field.  Even now, there’s a surprising number of sites that refuse to accept  the plus sign in a gmail address (ex: which is completely legitimate!

KeePass and similar utilities are a great help in this regard.

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