Verizon tips for Mac security and anti-virus

Some handy tips to keep your Mac safe on the Internet:

Our most critical recommendations for OS X security have not changed much since its release ten years ago:

  • Uncheck the “Open ’safe’ files after download” box in Safari’s General Preferences.
  • Utilize your browser’s security features (anti-popup, anti-phishing, etc.).
  • Run Software Update on a weekly basis, and install security updates as they are made available.
  • In the Security System Preference, be sure the firewall is on.
  • Do not download, run, or share software from unknown sources.
  • Do not open or share unexpected attachments received via email or instant messenger.
  • Only connect to trusted wireless networks.
  • In an enterprise environment, an anti-spam solution should be in place.

via Verizon Business Security Blog » Blog Archive » It’s time to consider Mac AV.

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