It’s like a train wreck

I agree with Patrick Gray, via Why we secretly love LulzSec | Risky Business:


Although large sections of the security community will deny it if you ask them, they’re secretly enjoying watching LulzSec’s campaign of mayhem unfold.

So far the “hacker group” has penetrated systems owned by Sony, PBS, the “FBI affiliate site” Infragard, security company (hah!) Unveillance and Nintendo, among others.

… and that was written well before today’s escapades, via Titanic Takeover Tuesday: LulzSec’s busy day of hacking escapades:


Lulz Security, the hacking group apparently motivated by nothing more than their desire to laugh at the mayhem they cause, has had a busy day in an event they called Titanic Takeover Tuesday. Taking a break from their dumps of user data and server break-ins, today saw the group perform a bunch of distributed denial of service attacks against a range of targets.

First up—and still only intermittently available at the time of writing—was gaming magazine The Escapist, with no apparent reason for the attack. LulzSec boasted that taking down the site required just 0.4 percent of its DDoS capacity.

Does your company take security more seriously than a bunch of bored 4chan /b/tards?

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