Ready or not here we IPv6!

In response to questions from the audience, Time Warner Cable and Comcast representatives talked about what the new normal means to them. As part of World IPv6 Launch, they’ve committed to have one percent of their customers using IPv6 by June 6. But as 30 percent of their consumers use Windows XP (which doesn’t have IPv6 enabled out of the box) and 70 percent have a non-IPv6-capable home router, they need to enable IPv6 on a rather significant number of subscriber connections to hit that seemingly unambitious one percent. New Comcast and Time Warner Cable users—and also many existing users—will gain IPv6 connectivity over the next three months, and more after that. However, different cities will get it at different times.

I think I’ll call up Comcast and see if I can be an early adopter.

And if they’ll cut my bill in half.

via With World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 on by default will be the new normal.

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