Hurricane Sandy Teaches Harsh BCP/DR Planning Lessons

Watch what happens as things go seriously wrong back east, and make contingency plans for your own business should things go badly where your servers are located.

Flooding and power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy have forced several New York data centers to switch to generator power. But those generators are quickly running out of fuel, so data center companies are telling their customers to shut down their servers and move workloads elsewhere.

One of the worst situations is at 75 Broad Street in Manhattan, where both Internap and Peer1 Hosting are shutting down operations “after basement-level flooding disabled critical diesel fuel pumps,” Data Center Knowledge reports. 75 Broad Street is part of the “Zone A” portion of the city that is under emergency evacuation orders, as is another data center operated by Datagram at 33 Whitehall Street. The Datagram outage led to downtime for popular websites Gawker, Huffington Post, and BuzzFeed.

Read the whole story via Hurricane Sandy takes data centers offline with flooding, power outages | Ars Technica.

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