How one NYC data center survived Hurricane Sandy

Because learning from someone else’s experience is the best way:

In the basement, salt water hit Internap’s fuel pumps, taking them out of commission, and a 10,000-gallon fuel tank suffered damage when water penetrated from the outside of the building through a breather pipe. With utility power out and that fuel supply unavailable, Internap turned to its 1,200-gallon header tank on the mezzanine level (where it also stores its generators), providing enough power to keep servers running for about 12 hours.

Internap has 47,000 square feet of office and data center space at 75 Broad, with thousands of servers on the 14th floor. Throughout Sandy and its aftermath, the company had seven or eight people on site. But in a flooded building with fuel floating around, “people were a little bit worried and on the verge of perhaps having to evacuate because of fear of fire,” Orchard said.

Read the full story at How one NYC data center survived Hurricane Sandy | Ars Technica.

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