TaoSecurity: Do Devs Care About Java InSecurity?

I’ve long asked myself the same question: TaoSecurity: Do Devs Care About Java InSecurity?

With new Java security-related updates being released practically every week, and new security holes being discovered practically every week, why do developers keep developing for Java?

And worse, they’ll write an app that works in one specific version of Java (such as Cisco’s ASDM, which randomly stops working during Java updates), and then you’re forced to keep a virtual machine around with an old version of Java just to run the legacy app.

But it’s the same with pop-up windows in browser apps — every web browser for the last 8 or so years has had a pop-up blocker, but devs still write apps with pop-up windows and either notices saying, “Please disable your pop-up blocker” or a feeble error message when the app can’t launch.

Come on, devs, let’s bring it into the 21st century!

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