Is it difficult being an Apple Fanboy?

Came across these articles within days of each other:

How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists – infrequent and underwhelming improvements to hardware, seemingly neglecting their hardcore creative userbase.

Paul’s Security Weekly #493 – Tech Segment: I Made The Switch to a Linux Laptop – Mac hardware just not keeping up with his needs; dongle overload.

Paul posts this boggling picture of his super-light and thin Mac with its required load of cables:

And along the dongle topic: Taking the headphone jack off phones is user-hostile and stupid when Samsung does it too.

I doubt I’ll buy a phone without a headphone jack, but who can predict the future?

Edit 1/3: Just ran across this article:



I have used Mac OS X since the public beta and use it at both home and work. I’ve also run various Linux distributions and BSDs since around 2000, so am quite familiar with them.

In April 2016, dissatisfied by the lack of MacBook Pro updates (and performance of Ruby) I had a custom PC built for work.[…]

I deeply value the consistency, versatility, reliability and integration of Mac OS X and the excellent quality hardware it runs on. However the current state of the Mac has me considering whether it’s still the right platform for me.

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