Company Info

Tech Support With Know-How is an association of some of the clumsiest tech support professionals in the world, with all the finest paper certifications.

Value-Added Services

We can take pretty much any service, and add value to it. For instance, we are not just a reseller, we are a value-added reseller. We don’t just do web development, we do value-added web development.

“ celebrates 11 years of Excellent Technological Leadership Prowess ”

  • Who We Are – Mission, Vision, and Values
  • What We Do – Services, Services, and more Services!
  • How We’re Unique – IT Unlike Any Other ™ (ITUAO)
  • Who Relies on Us – Grannies, and the utterly helpless folks who know even less about computers than we do.
  • Join Our Team – Challenges, Opportunities, and Reward. Unpaid overtime, few holidays, eternal on-call, no life… but hey, if you had social skills you wouldn’t be in IT, would you?

See? All that, and more!!!