Founded way back in the heyday of 1996, The Nerd Herd opened as a storefront in Hayward, California specialising in PC repair.

That only lasted about a year and then we all went back to normal jobs.

Over the years since then this website has gone through many revisions as hobbies came and went. If you’re interested you can see many ugly snapshots on the Internet Archive.

One of the most fun things we did was debunk Internet hoaxes and scams before Snopes cornered that market.

But educating stuck with us. Educating helps others. We’ve learned so much and been helped by so many other generous people that we want to give back.

And since we work in infosec, and since hackers and scammers suck and need to be squashed, we’d like to help others get into the Way of Security. We hope you find this website helpful and that you learn much useful stuff.

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