What does your Disaster Recovery plan cover?

While reading an otherwise unrelated article on Cloud Computing (Does the Fourth Amendment cover ‘the cloud’? | The Wisdom of Clouds – CNET News), I stumbled across this paragraph (emphasis mine):

I’ve reported on this early legal landscape a couple of times, looking at decisions to relax expectations of privacy for e-mail stored online and the decision to allow the FBI to confiscate servers belonging to dozens of companies from a co-location facility whose owners were suspected of fraud.

Like many other companies, my employer has its entire production environment at a co-lo facility.  Our disaster recovery plan covers the possibility of a few of those servers crashing or going down, but does not cover the confiscation of our entire server farm by the FBI.  We back up the servers, but the backup and restore utilities run from one of the devices in that rack. Would they take the firewalls and load balancers, too?

Of course, it doesn’t take a government action to result in the complete loss of a set of servers.

Does your DR plan account for the possibility of the complete disappearance or destruction of a set of servers?

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