10 Reasons Why Security Professionals Get Hired – Dark Reading


Greg Thompson, vice president of enterprise security services at Scotiabank, says,

As an IT security executive, I am constantly asked, “What do you look for when hiring?”

Naturally, certification as an accredited security professional helps get job candidates to the table — there are many respected credentials, such as those offered by (ISC), ISACA, and SANS, to name a few. And it’s easy to point to the skills and qualifications that we articulate in our job postings.

But credentials are only part of what makes a good information security pro. Too often, information security professionals are seen by our colleagues in other areas of IT management not as partners, but as “Dr. No” who puts the kibosh on new projects and business initiatives because of security concerns. This is no longer an acceptable stance in most companies. Today’s security pro must be able to work with business units to safely achieve their goals.

With this in mind, here are the top 10 qualities I look for when hiring future security leaders:

And I’m glad to say I posess all 10 qualities listed at Security Careers: 10 Reasons Why Security Professionals Get Hired – Dark Reading

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