Impersonation Scams Over-The-Phone

Zachary Crocket over at The Hustle wrote a very good article about phoney-pressure scams where: A person is called out of the blue by a scammer Scammer asserts authority and immediately pressures the victim about some emergency Claims “bad stuff” will happen unless person stays on the phone Scammer pressures person into buying gift cards […]

GitLab database post-mortem

Reading post-mortems for fun and education: On January 31st 2017, we experienced a major service outage for one of our products, the online service The outage was caused by an accidental removal of data from our primary database server.

Google SRE book

The Site Reliability Engineering book is available online. A lot of it doesn’t scale well to small operations but there’s a lot of good tops and lessons learned in there.

The Story of how Hacking Team got Hacked

I’ll throw an allegedly in here; Pastebin has a story written by the fellow who hacked Hacking Team about how it was accomplished. Lessons learned are, again: Change default passwords Patch your systems Log account and network activity – identify suspicious activity Secure your backups After sending passwords by email delete the email and change […]

Security begins at the front desk

Do the receptionists know how secure your facility is?  Is it necessary to track everyone entering and exiting your facility? Today an even stranger event occurred. I received a call from “reception” stating that there was a visitor for me. Upon arriving at the departmental reception desk there were no visitors and they had not […]