Security begins at the front desk

Do the receptionists know how secure your facility is?  Is it necessary to track everyone entering and exiting your facility?

Today an even stranger event occurred. I received a call from “reception” stating that there was a visitor for me. Upon arriving at the departmental reception desk there were no visitors and they had not called me. I guessed that it was the receptionist from another department and so went there, also to find no visitors. It turned out that someone else had come to let them in and they had all disappeared. Unhelpfully, the receptionist could not give me any description other than that it was “three ladies” and did not know who had greeted them. So, now we have three unidentified persons wandering around a relatively secure part of the building, having used my name to gain entry. Very odd indeed, and also worrying.

Perfect example of social engineering access into a building.

(Link expired, it was on LiveJournal.)

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