True X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows

For the hardcore X11-style mouse & window lovers: X11 is better for fingers. Copy with mouse. Paste with mouse. Focus without clicks. Raise and lower windows. So called X-Mouse. One and only… True X-Mouse Gizmo. It seems to work pretty good!  Now my XP behaves how I expect it to after spending so much time […]

What does your Disaster Recovery plan cover?

While reading an otherwise unrelated article on Cloud Computing (Does the Fourth Amendment cover ‘the cloud’? | The Wisdom of Clouds – CNET News), I stumbled across this paragraph (emphasis mine): I’ve reported on this early legal landscape a couple of times, looking at decisions to relax expectations of privacy for e-mail stored online and […]

Postfix mailserver using Google DNS vs Spamhaus

Here’s something to be aware of if you’re running a Postfix (or possibly any mailserver), use Spamhaus, and are considering or have switched to Google DNS: 1. Spamhaus has banned Google Public DNS resolver queries. I didn’t know this until today. If Postfix is using Google Public DNS resolvers, rbl queries to fail but […]